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Atlas Neo Pull Out Nozzle Stainless Steel

Atlas Neo Pull Out Nozzle Stainless Steel

The Atlas Sensor tap is made of Solid Stainless Steel which has a hygienic, non-porous surface that is resistant to bacteria and germs. Once in use, the water will flow continuously for 30 seconds. The tap can be stopped with a wave, as well as started so, you don‘t have to wait 30 seconds.

  • Hybrid function enabling manual lever for everyday use and sensor activity for hand washing.
  • The touchless and manual controls operate independently from each other.
  • The sensor screen is easy to keep clean and easy to use.
  • The sensor controls the touch free water temperature.
  • If unintentionally started and once activated, the water flow stops in less than a second!
  • The temperature on the sensor is set upon installation in the control box under the sink.
  • Quick and easy plug-in installation: the tap, the control box, and the battery.
  • Useful Pull-Out Nozzle function

Height Overall

297.00 mm

Height to End of Spout

270.00 mm

Spout reach

225.00 mm

Hot Flow Rate at 0.3 bar

1.75 litres/min

Suitable for low pressure system


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